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How does it work?

The application MLM Master is the world’s first organizer designed for the MLM industry expanded for a full gamification. Each activity planned or carried out with the help of MLM Master gives you a certain number of points and experience. Points gained receive awards, badges and the levels telling you about how advanced networker you become. You’re having fun, and the application provokes the growth of your business!

I have a problem with duplication. Is the app will help me better manage my group?

Specially prepared statistics allow you to observe the work in your group. Thanks to precise observation charts you will be able to predict the trend of their business, and specially prepared factors will help you assess what to focus on during training … A lot of meetings does not translate into registrations? I think you know what you should teach your team …

Can I invite my team to applications?

Of course. Teamwork is the key to success in network marketing, so we took care of it so you can not just invite your team to the application, but to work and compete with him in pursuit of your goals.

Calendar, notepad, the list - whether the application is not just another tool?

When designing an MLM Master, we started from a clean sheet. We estimated the need for a distributor, the leader of mid-level and top leader in the industry. We designed this tool with you in mind, which is why it is so perfectly matched. Our experience shows that after a week of working with MLM Master, no tool is not as what it was before.

Questions about the Application

How to improve your work

[VIDEO] How to build contact list in MLM Master

Do you add new contacts to the phone automatically end up in the application? Can I import them …? Everything about adding new contacts.

[VIDEO] How to correctly perform activity! Part 1

[VIDEO] How to correctly perform activity! Part 2

Can I delete an application if I lose all the data?

A frequently asked by users question is whether, if they remove the application, or lose all the data …

It is very reasonable because, sometimes we need to remove our application in connection with the change to a newer phone, or a factory reset of our smartphone. So what happens? Do you lose all your data, or they will remain untouched?

We have good news for you. The application saves all the data on the server. The only thing you need to ensure that your application is synchronized immediately prior to removal. The date of the last synchronization, you can check the menu developing side. At the bottom is the date of the last synchronization and wheel for manually make a backup. So if the date is not valid, click the circle and wait for synchronization – keep in mind that you need Fi internet.

When the wheel stops spinning and the date indicate the current time – Ready! You can proceed to remove or reinstall. Once you install the application again enough that you provide your username and password to be able to continue using the software.

Does the application require constant access to the Internet?

MLM Master is an online operating system and therefore requires frequent access to the Internet to continuous data synchronization. This does not mean, however, that it must be available all the time …

The application retrieves data about other users and the events of calendars such as Google Calendar or iCal to this end must be connected to the Internet. However, if your smartphone runs out of access to the network, then the update will take place in the time of delivery of the service, and the application itself will work.

A large part of the function of MLM Master does not require access to the network, so work with your application should be comfortable even in low range.

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