With MLM Master

You can do more than ever before

  • GPS and sending instant messages and e-mail
  • Notes
  • Leaderboard
  • Daily coaching questions
  • Self Coaching
  • Creating your own business plan
  • ProSpeaker module
  • A timeline of contact’s history
  • And much much more…
  • Easy-to-use CRM
  • Modern calendar
  • Inspiring gamification
  • Easy to reach contact list
  • Contact calibration
  • Commenting on events
  • Transparent statistics for you and your team
  • Valuable knowledge and training
  • Notifications and push messages

For how long do you want to keep the motivation and enthusiasm of your people after inspiring events?
That’s why we created MLM MASTER!

One tool, and changes so much

  • Advanced gamification

    Studies show that a good gamification increases performance by up to 88%. Produce hormones of happiness, earn points, compete with your friends, achieve elite ranks, discover the power of the leaderboard and protect yourself and the team from stagnation having internal and external motivations.

  • Modern CRM for MLM

    We took advantage of solutions that work in the best companies of the Fortune 500 and have not been used in MLM so far. Studies show 80% or more increase in sales in companies that have implemented good CRM systems.

  • Good habits and skills

    We all know how quickly even the best motivation disappears. Ebbinghaus’ research clearly indicates that after 6 days we forget 75% of new material. Thanks to the special architecture of MASTER you will create proper habits and skills and you will become PRO.

  • Acountibilty and Feedback

    Detect bottlenecks and PROBLEMS of your business partners through analyzing activities, numbers and statistics that MASTER reveals. Now thanks to the PRO SPEAKER analysis you become a better recruiter, you gain at every meeting, even when you hear “NO”!

  • Creating leaders

    J.C. Maxwell says, “Everything rises or falls due to the leadership” MASTER shows the truth about your business. It makes you work more with people and create more leaders not only continuous recruitment. Turn your team in the business army and have a real factory of leaders.

  • Personal development and coaching

    Most people have heard about focusing on goals, but a lot of us, especially new ones in the business, do not know how to set them. Discover through coaching priceless conclusions and lessons in the fields which are important to you. CREATE UNIQUE TASKS AND OBSERVE THE REAL CHANGES


Safety of use

What is happening with your data?

Your database is secure. We will never use your contacts for other purpose than execution of your business goals. It is you who decides whom you share your contacts with, what your friends and upline see. You also decide if you want your profile to be visible in the contact database. Only your upline sees your business activity. Neither friends nor upline see your tasks, lessons and conclusions beyond the MLM activities.

You chose whom to invite to your friends list and specify the level of data access.

We provide a stable infrastructure to store your data and process it in your application.


How it works


Download and share MLM Master

You can download the application and use a FREE version. For the first 15 days all the PRO features are available so you could experience the full power of MLM Master. You can subscribe the PRO version for 5.99 Eur per month or 39.99 Eur per year so it is only 3.33 Eur per month! You can save 44%! You have it all for less than 2 good coffees a month. Givers gain so give the gift of MLM MASTER by sharing with friends promotion code and get 15 days free for every person who will pay for the PRO version.


Import contacts

Import contacts individually or import them all. Your phone  and social network contacts are a primary asset in MLM, thanks to that your business grows and with it your list as well.


Use daily, and get better results

Add important tasks you want to work on such as physical exercise, personal development or increasing your knowledge about network marketing.

Regularly enter the important events regarding your business to your app.

Experience the power of  MLM Master!

Good CRM used to cost more than 1000 EURO per year …

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